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About Us

Who am I?

Hi! I am Nathan a caring and loving parent who work hard to make life as good as possible for myself and my family. I have 3 amazing children, who are sometimes challenging. But who are also well behaved (mostly), intelligent, caring boys who make me proud everyday.

I am employed as an IT Manager for a local business based in Essex, UK. I have been working in IT for about 10 years and worked my way through the ranks to where I am now. I have actually been blogging “on and off” for much longer. I started blogging in the early 00’s, mostly blogging on SEO and “how to make money online” type blogs. I was fairly successful, but in the early 00’s in the UK, blogging was not seen to be a “real job”. I started looking for a “real career” and decided to study IT. I was still blogging part time at first, but in 2006 my first son was sorn and started to concentrate on the my IT career and stopped blogging. I returned to blogging a couple of times, but I was blogging for the wrong reasons. I was just blogging to make money, but was writing about subjects that I thought would make me money, rather than subjects I was passionate about

Why LooseOrange?

Why LooseOrange? Well to be honest, the domain name is just an old domain I had, I liked the name and that’s it. Why the site? Well again it was for partly for the wrong reasons again. I wanted to make extra money and I thought blogging was the way to go. This time round I have chosen subjects I feel passionate about. The other reason was, that I am really fed up with life beating me down. don’t get me wrong, certain aspects of my life are fantastic. I have fantastic children, a great relationship and a great family network around me. But some aspects have been hard work, bringing up children is hard, I have found it hard to afford to buy a house. I am the kind of person if I don’t know something or find something hard, I will work at it until I understand it or am getting it right.