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Best plugin for wordpress affiliates – Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty AffiliatesThirsty affiliates – Best affiliate management plugin for WordPress

Below I explain why you can’t live without Thirsty Affiliates plugin for WordPress! Lets face it, the majority of serious bloggers are in it to make money! You can’t afford not to use an Affiliate management plugin like Thirsty Affiliate if you want to be successful.
Let get this straight from the start, to keep a good Blog going, the author needs to be making an income. To maintain a successful blog takes a lot of time and a lot of money! Earning via affiliate links is a great way for a webmaster to earn some well deserved money.

How can an affiliate management plugin help me?

An affiliate management plugin makes it easy to keep track of all your affiliate links in one place. Making it simple to add your affiliate links to your post, ensuring maximum profit! In truth, Thirsty Affiliates plugin isn’t just an affiliate management plugin, it’s much more (I’ll get to that). The time it saves alone is worth it.

Why Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin?

If you’re not already, you should be thinking, why not? Seriously, Thirsty Affiliates is free, so why would you not at least give it a try? Thirsty Affiliates is actually more of a suite of Affiliate marketing tools. Allow you to Cloak links, track stats and setup auto keyword linking to name a few.
If that isn’t enough, below are a few benefits and features of Thirsty Affiliates:-
  • Inbuilt affiliate link shortening/cloaking.
  • Commission protection with 301 redirection.
  • Customisable link URL prefixes.
  • Hierarchical link categorisation.
  • Affiliate link picker tool.
  • Convenient quick add.
  • DoFollow/NoFollow options.
  • Opening in new window options.
  • Multiple redirect types.
  • Full importing/exporting options.
  • Doesn’t Bloat your WordPress database with extra tables.
  • Add images, graphics and banners to affiliate links.
  • Add loads more features with official add-ons!
If you’re still not sold, the Thirsty Affilates plugin for WordPress is extremely quick and easy to configure too.

Add-ons, you say?

Yes, if this amazing WordPress plugin wasn’t already good enough. The Thirsty Affilate team have developed a selection of amazing add-ons. You can purchase the add-ons individually or in great value bundles. Personally, I use the “Green Ninja Bundle“, this gives me all the extra features that I need.
Thirsty affiliate bundlesThirsty affiliate bundles


It’s pretty clear, I can’t speak highly enough about Thirsty Affiliates. It really is the best affiliate marketing tool that you can use for WordPress. Even the free version of this wordpress plugin is great. They could easily charge for the features included in the free version. If you want the more advanced features, you might need to look at the add-ons. If you do purchase any of the add-ons, it is well worth while looking at the bundles to get the best value.


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