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Top 5 SEO reasons your small business website is failing

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If you’re here, then i guess you have a small business website that is failing, responsible for failing small business’s website or perhaps looking to make sure your businesses website doesn’t fail. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Below I will outline some of the most common reason …

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Why WordPress is best for professional blogging

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If you’re here, you’re probably wondering why WordPress is the most popular platform for professional bloggers. Its a good question, with so many options out there why do most still opt for WordPress? Below I’ll outline why I think WordPress is the best platform for a professional blog, especially for …

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Top 6 tips for a successful blog in 2017

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It strange, as when I tell people I'm a blogger, most still don't understand how it can make you money. Some even laugh it off, as not being a "real job". Don't be deterred, I asure you there are 100,000's of people across the world earning a living online. Bloggers not only make money, but many make enough for it to be their full time job, there are even the few that earn literally £millions each year. There is not better time to start blogging, so let 2017 be your year!

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