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How to choose a YouTube channel name?

Finding the perfect YouTube name

So you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel, but you’re stuck on picking the perfect YouTube name.

Picking the perfect YouTube name is important, it’s your YouTube identity! Once you’ve started getting a following on YouTube the last thing you want to do is change your YouTube name. Below I have broken down the steps to decide on a “kick-ass” YouTube name that will make PewDiePie jealous!

Before you start

Before trying to think of a great YouTube name, here are a few tips.

  • Don’t rush into it – think carefully about the name you decide, it is going to be your online identity.
  • Be creative – there are millions of YouTube channels, so you’ll need to be creative and find something unique name.
  • Be fun – A fun name for your channel will make it more memorable.
  • Be relevant – keep your YouTube name relevant to your niche.
  • Don’t use profanity or bad language.
  • Don’t use something that is offensive or abusive.
  • Make it catchy – it will be easy for your subscribers to remember.
  • Make it something that is easy to spell.
  • Make it interesting – make it something that people would talk about.
  • Make sure you don’t pick something that might have an alternate meaning in a different county, language or culture.
  • It needs to be between 6 – 20 characters, alpha-numeric.

Decide on your niche.

Take a few minutes to clarify exactly what your vlogs are going to be about. Are you going to vlog about gaming, beauty, sports, technology, daily life? A great way to make your YouTube name more memorable¬† is make it relevant to your vlog niche. I would avoid making it too specific, as you’ll probably evolve with trends over time. So I wouldn’t go too specific like “MinecraftLegend”. It would be better to go with something like “kickassgamer”. Don’t misunderstand, if you are 100% sure you are going to stay really specific to a particular game etc, then be more specific. But I personally think you are unnecessarily limiting yourself.

Once you’ve decided your exact niche, write down some single keywords that you think are relevant to your YouTube niche. So for a technology vlog, you might write tech, techno, technology, gadget etc. Then try to think of linking with another word that fits. So you could go with “technogeek”, “nerdytech”, “gadgetgeek”, “techstop”, “techhub” etc. Unfortunately YouTube has a lot of channels, so you’ll probably have to be slightly more creative, but this will give you a starting point at least, then you could possibly combine with one of the below suggestions.

What’s your personality?

Think about your personality. How would your friends describe you? Are you bubbly, quirky, grumpy, funny, cute etc. Once you’ve got a list then try to link these words with your name or niche etc. You should now have some options like “bubblybetty” or “thelazygamer” or combine more words like “happyhelenshut” or GrumpyGaryGarage”. A successful YouTube channel is often about the vloggers unique personality, so it certainly can’t hurt to add a little personality to your YouTube name as well.

Make it random

Why not pick something completely random? If you think about some of the most popular brands, they have no relevance to the business, Apple, Amazon, Orange etc. Just pick an unrelated word or words. The words have to create interest not any 2 words. Something like “pinkracoon” or “vlogmonkey”. If you want to be a little cleverer, you could choose something that looks random, but has a keyword hidden within it. Like “looseorange”, it seems random, right? I actually picked it because I wanted a URL with SEO in it, but was still memorable. You probably didn’t even realise but Looseorange has the letters SEO in the middle, but on the face of it, it seems completely random.

Add a channel word

If one of your names that you have generated has been taken, try adding a channel type word in. By channel word I mean something like, tube, channel, telly, tv, hd etc. This could mean you’ll get the name you want. You could have maybe “johnsjokesHD” or “geekgamertv”.

Add a place word

Similar to the channel word suggestion. You add a place type word, like US, UK, hut, hub, spot, town, kingdom etc. I guess place word probably isn’t really the right word here, but you get the picture.

Ask friends and family

It may seem obvious but ask people for suggestions. I’m sure if you ask a few people that know you, you’ll at least get a good starting point, then build on that. In my experience some of the best ideas I’ve been involved with have come from a quick brainstorming session with a few friends.

Did I mention it needs to be memorable?

If you haven’t already worked out from the above suggestions, most importantly your YouTube name needs to be something people will remember.

If we are completely honest, if you make amazing content that is shared around you might scrape by. Why put that unnecessary hurdle in the way? It is far easier for people to spread the word about your great YouTube channel, if you have a name they will remember. No one will remember “Sally4354951” but they are more likely to remember “SuperSallyHD”.

Don’t stress

It is important to have a memorable YouTube channel name, but don’t stress over it. Spend 20 minutes or so, that should be enough time if you follow my guidance. I know I said don’t rush, but I mean don’t jump into a decision after a 10 second thought will you were taking a wiz! Don’t take days over the decision, because at the end of the day that is holding you back from what really matter! Making great content for your YouTube channel!


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