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Top 6 tips for a successful blog in 2017

For some, blogging has been a way of life for years, for others a new unknown. One thing is for sure, there has never been a better time to start a blog.

Below are 6 (plus a bonus) of the best tips to become a successful blogger. Following these tips will give you the best possible chance to becoming a successful blogger.

Why start a blog?

It strange, as when I tell people I’m a blogger, most still don’t understand how it can make you money. Some even laugh it off, as not being a “real job”. Don’t be deterred, I asure you there are 100,000’s of people across the world earning a living online. Bloggers not only make money, but many make enough for it to be their full time job, there are even the few that earn literally £millions each year. There is not better time to start blogging, so let 2017 be your year!

6 – Share your blogging passion

It’s very difficult to be a successful blogger without passion! Passion isn’t the same as desire! Many “wannabe” bloggers start out with a desire, usually to make money. If you have a passion then blog about it! Whatever your passion is, there are people online that want to read about it.

Blogging is hard graft, you will put hours and hours of working and not get anything back for quite some time. So if you aren’t passionate about your chosen blog subject, you will probably quit. Look at the most successful bloggers, they are all deeply passionate about their blog subject.

5 – Share your knowledge with the world

Everyone has a unique way of sharing their knowledge. Whatever your chosen blog niche might be, there will already be another blog out there! That doesn’t mean don’t do it, in fact it means the opposite, if someone else is running a blog on your niche then there must be readers. I don’t see another blog as competition, I see it as an opportunity to provide an alternative. Every writing style is different, some people will love you and some will hate you and that’s fine! Let the hater, find  a blog they love and contrentrate on giving you unique knowledge to those who love you. I’m an SEO blogger, the SEO niche has hundreds of good quality blogs out there. Most of these SEO blogs aren’t saying anything different from one another, they are just giving the info in a different way. That leads me to my next point……

4 – Don’t be afraid to be different

Don’t try to be a clone of some other blog, be different. Different is great, embrace it. You can be different in a number of ways, the way you deliver the info, your personality, you view pint it doesn’t matter. Being different gives the reader a reason to come to your blog over others, especially in a high competition niche. Make sure your personality comes across in your writing, your readers will love that and if they don’t, they are free to find another blog!

3 – Network with other bloggers

The blogging community is great and most bloggers are happy to network with fellow bloggers. Most bloggers realise that the blogosphere is like a community and they realise having other contacts can only be a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, some bloggers are up their own arse! They think they are better than others, don’t worry about them, just concentrate on making the quality connections with bloggers that are interested. I would start by tweeting/messaging other bloggers within your niche with similar size blogs to yours. At first you probably wont have much luck with the “big boys”, concentrate on building your own network, then when you start gaining momentum try the bigger blogs.

2 – keep it fun

Blogging is fun (or at least it should be), if it isn’t stop now! I enjoy blogging, I find it addictive in a way. Unless you’re extremely lucky blogging wont be your full time job in the beginning. You will be writing posts around your job or studies, as well as juggling other responsibilities’ you might have. So the chances are you’ll be blogging well into the night, at weekends etc, if you don’t love it you will find excuses why you cant do it.

1 – Don’t do it for the money alone

Let’s be honest most people start a blog for the money! Whether it is to supplement an existing business to get more traffic or as a stand-alone blog, you want the money! There are plenty of success stories online of internet millionaires, although it is possible it is hard work! Potentially you could become rich from any business, so why would blogging be any different? Just because it is possible, doesn’t mean it will happen. Like any business, you need to put in the hours to get it off the ground. It will be very hard in the beginning, often without any real income for the 1st year or more. Do it because you love it, then if you work hard and are good at what you do the money will come, but do it because you love it and then the money second!

Bonus tip – Treat it like a business

I think the biggest mistake any new blogger can make is not treating it like a business. Some people don’t even see it as a business, but if you are Blogging for money then it is! Create a business plan, do real analysis of other blogs within your niche, do your research! Every blog I have ever worked on I create a folder on my laptop and document everything from ranking progress to future ideas etc. If you want to be a successful blogger treat it as a business, if you chose to take any of my advice, listen to this!

With any blog/website, having the content on the internet is not enough alone, you need to also implement good SEO techniques. But even on the most basic principal, the more pages you have the more potential pages your customer could land on.

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Being an SEO Expert, IT Manager, Blogger and a Dad, isn’t always easy, but I love them all. I’ve been involved with SEO and Blogging since 2003, watching both evolve and trying to evolve with it.

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