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What is SEO
What is SEO and how do I do it?

What is SEO? – Why is SEO important?


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), What is it?What is SEO

What is SEO? SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of attempting to improve a websites visibility in search engine results. More specifically SEO is the optimisation of a website for “organic” results in search engine results pages (SERPs). Most SEO experts would divide SEO it to two main area, off-site and on-site SEO.

SEO is can be very complex and time consuming, but at least basic SEO is a necessity for any website. In theory, it is possible to get the top spot without any intentional SEO. For low competition keywords,  just great content could be enough, but this is fairly unlikely these days. Although your content could be great, there is probably a 100 websites with equally good content out there. This is where good SEO could give you the edge. SERPs are decided by a complex algorithm that looks at 100’s of factors (not just content). So you could have a website with inferior quality content, that ranks higher just because they have better SEO practices.

Why is SEO important?

It would be quite easy for a webmaster or website owner t skip SEO altogether. SEO can be extremely time consuming and can take time to see any benefit. As long as you’re on the internet, then they will find you, right? Wrong, think of it this way, when you search Google how often do you go past page 1? Probably not very often!

Being on page 10 (or even page 2) it like having a “bricks and mortar” business down a dark alley with no signage. How many customers do you think you’d get? With a “bricks and mortar” it is far easier to get customers through the door, if you are on a busy high street. It is not different n the internet, you will get far more visitors if you are on page 1. The internet does differ to the “bricks and mortar” analogy however. A high street shop front would cost a lot more than a back street premise, which only big brands can usually afford. With good SEO practises it makes it far easier to play on a level playing field with the “big boys”

Bottom line, if you want a serious presence on the internet then you need to spend some time on quality SEO techniques.

What is “black hat” SEO?SEO - Black Hat

Black hat SEO is a term used for unethical SEO techniques. Some webmasters will have you believe that “black hat” SEO is a quick way to improve your Google ranking. I can not stress this enough, “DO NOT USE BLACK HAT SEO”! Although you could temporarily bump your ranking, you will quickly get discovered. Oncethe search engines discover you are using black hat SEO, you will get penalised and possibly banned. Once that happens, you may as well give up. There is no tricking the search engines, so don’t bother!

How do you know if a technique you are think of using is black hat? Well, if it seems like it is unethical or if it seems that you are trying to trick the search engines, then is almost certainly black hat. I guarantee the algorithms that the search engines use are very clever and getting cleverer by the day.

What is a keyword?

In SEO terms a keyword is a search term. You want people to land on your site for a specific search term or keyword. An example of this would be, if you have a coffee shop in London, a desired keyword might be “good coffee shop in London” To get started just think what you might search for if you were looking for a business like yours. There are hundreds of tools that can help with keywords, but to get started I wouldn’t look any further than Google Keywords tool.

Where to start with SEO?

You are in the right place, checkout our other articles to help you on your way with SEO techniques.

Everyone has there own ways and order in which they do things. Start with the content, I decide on the subject and write the content. I don’t think about keywords or SEO at all at this stage. I think about what I want to say and write it! An important thing to realise is you are writing or vlogging  (what is vlogging?) to a human not a search engine.

The 1st step in SEO is to think about the best content for a human. Once I’m happy with the content, then I think about keywords. I think about 3 – 5 keywords that I think people will be searching for that are most relevant to my content. At this stage you might want to use Google keywords tool to help decide on keywords. Once I have decided on my keywords, I go through my content and add my keywords in where they feel natural, don’t stuff keywords for the sake of it. Try adding a couple of your keywords to your headings if possible. I’d then usually add my images and optimise those. Pick a relevant image, edit it and then add a relevant Alt text to the image. Think of this as a description of the image.


How to lean SEO?

SEO is not a quick thing to master. You can learn all you need to know from this Website or our YouTube channel. Spend some time looking over the info that seems most relevant. SEO can be done in stages, so just master a small chunk, and implement that on all your pages. then repeat with another stage.

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