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What is vlogging?

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What is vlogging?

What is vlogging? In short, a vlog (video blog) is a blog that contains video content. Vlogging has growing in popularity in the couple of years. Most vloggers use YouTube as platform to host and share their vlogs, although some other similar platforms are available.

What equipment do I need to vlog?

With advancements in smartphone technology , now you can make a high quality vlog without the need for expensive equipment. Vlogging has become more popular in the last couple of years as equipment has become more affordable. A lot of new vloggers start with nothing more than a smartphone. As they gain popularity, most vloggers then progress to more expensive equipment. A DSLR camera, with full lighting and audio setup and software like Adobe premier pro or Finalcut Pro.

What is the difference between vloggers and YouTubers?

Vloggers are often referred to a YouTubers, as generally YouTube is the platform they will use to share their vlogs. There are some other platforms, such as Vimeo or Facebook Video, but YouTube is the most popular. When you start vlogging on YouTube, you will create a YouTube channel (see LooseOrange YouTube Channel here).

Can vlogging be a job?

Vloggers don’t always start with the intention to make money from their vlogs. Although, as a vlog grows in popularity most vloggers will start to look for avenues to start making money. You can make money from vlogging in many ways, but most will use Google adsense, affiliate links and/or sponsorship. For a long time it seemed like a fantasy to most to make a good amount of money from vlogging. Now there are millions of people making a living from vlogging. Some even earning £1,000,000’s per year!


The vlogging community (or vlogsphere) can be quite tough at times. vloggers can often get negative comments from other vloggers or “trolls”, especially as they gain in popularity. These comments can be about the content of the vlog. If this is the case, then you need to accept that people all have different styles that may not appeal to all. But sometimes the comments can get more personal, in this case you need to “brush it off” and ignore them. Anyone thinking of entering the world of vlogging, needs to accept that you will receive negativity, and prepare yourself.



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